Kenny Chidorie

Hello, my name is Kenny Chidorie. I am creator from Second Life. I love anime, fantasy and other things.
A lot of my time i'm AFK, because i like to create things (sorry ^.^").
My location: Kyiw, Ukraine.
I sell original meshes what i made with my fav program -> Blender.
I like this place because there is no loli/shota like in Second Life.
P.s. uguu

I can't hear people here (i can read chat only).

Speak with me on English language, українській мові or на русском only. Another languages i don't understand.
I don't work with Second Life anymore (rare time i'm login in that world). I don't have real life. I'm not looking for someone or trying to arrange my personal life anymore. Male in real life, not interested in real meetings.