Retro Metallic

Fanatic Builder in Sansar:The World After,The Water Falls,Savannah, Supla Market,Apocalypse NYC,Sea World Views,Vintage Traveling Carnival, Westminster London,Paradiso, Maya City (also on .net & .org),Saint Isidore,Retro Rez Rodeo & SciFi Game No Go UFO ! Founder of The Teleporter Network(TPN) in Sansar with: Chris Jackson,David Hall,Bluebell,Sam Junipero and Draxtor.
Co-Founder of the old Tundra 3D World Grid. Cooperated with the European Union concerning Virtual Education (3DLES)
History: Was the host and owner of the Maya City Sandboxes in Second Life (top 15 in popularity) Now I will start here with my experiences and many more to come in this enormous world.