Retro Metallic

Fanatic Builder in Sansar and loving my experiences Westminster London- Maya City- Saint Isidore-Retro Rez Rodeo & SciFi Game No Go UFO ! Founder of The Teleporter Network(TPN) in Sansar with: Chris Jackson,David Hall,Bluebell,Sam Junipero and Draxtor.
Still focused and learning to create with Blender,Sculptris and Houdini.
Found the love of my life and lost the love of my life
She was my biggest fan in sl and real life and watching over me from heaven if I behave myself in the worlds:)
Co-Founder of the old Tundra 3D World, maya city landlord in Second Life, developer in Open Sims.
Involvement in Real Life:Dutch/Flemish & living in the legendary city of The Flying Dutchman, e-Resident of Estonia,Hospital,Criminology,Arts & Antiques,eBay.