In 1867 Hauptmann Weydert was a captain in the 'Corps des chasseurs Luxembourgois'. He build a model of the fortress made out of plaster and other materials, which was later cast in bronze and can be admired in the fortress museum in Luxembourg.
Reproducing a historic town on a social virtual reality platform; the technology of the future has recreated lost lives from the past. Working with several museums and educational institutions, financed by the government and private sponsors, 1867 has turned into a transmedia project.
Its community is made up of schoolchildren, history teachers, scientists, IT specialists and people of diverse trades, all having a common passion: we are invited to delve into the past in order to discover its tales, to uncover its secrets and solve its riddles, using all the media available: books, photographs, paintings, virtual and augmented reality, social media and smart games.